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Steve Plantz - Vocals/Guitar
Myles Young - Guitar/Vocals
Andrew Locke - Bass
Jon Holden - Drums


Under The Mountain is a hard and heavy rock n' roll band from Vancouver Island, Canada. This high-energy four-piece blends elements of psychedelic stoner doom, progressive groove metal, and straight-up rock n roll. Their memorable vocal hooks, and dynamic instrumental passages, combined with a powerful live show, make this a band you do not want to miss.  Grab a drink, and Hold on Tight. 

Formed in 2009 by Steve Plantz (Vocals, Guitar), Myles Young (Guitar, Vocals), Curt Patrick (Bass), and Fred Xie (Drums); Under The Mountain became a permanent force in the Nanaimo music scene, gaining a dedicated and obstreperous fan base, due to their energetic live performances. Under The Mountain has released two full length albums ("Under The Mountain"-2014, and "II"-2018), and they have also released a music video for their cover of "Black Velvet", originally recorded by Canadian singer-songwriter, Alannah Myles. Both albums, and cover song were recorded and mixed by long term friend and collaborator, Anthony Sharkey (TBM Audio Services). Following these releases, Under The Mountain went through a change of ryhthm section, adding Jon Holden (Drums-Awkward A/C), and Andrew Locke (Bass-CHUNKASAURUS), in 2020, and 2021, respectively. With the loss of many live music venues, due to the covid pandemic, Under The Mountain was able to focus their time writing and recording their third full length album. Collaborating again with Anthony Sharkey at Risque Disque Studio, this heavy, progressive album is set to release in 2024.

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